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Corgi Predators

Corgi Predators

Corgi Diecast bring you another dimension to their Aviation Collectibles range- Corgi Predators. Focusing on six of the most iconic aircraft military history has seen, these are the true predators of the skies. Each model comes with a booklet detailing the story behind the pilot, mission or squadron, plus the box is packed with technical information about the plane.




Corgi Grumman Hellcat F-6FS, Minsi III, PR99402

David McCampbell, US Navy, USS Essex, 1944


Corgi Lockheed F104G- Starfighter, PR99412

21 & 42 JABO G 36 The Luftwaffe Widow Maker, Luftwaffe, Hopsten, 1970's


Corgi MIG-21 FL Fishbed D PR99416

8 Sqn, Indian Air Force, Poone, 1971


Corgi Lockheed F104A - Starfighter PR99418

Pakistan Air Force,9 Sqn, PAF, Masroor, 1971

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